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November 8, 2017
JIBC provides essential high-rise firefighting training for UAE firefighters
Training to enhance skills and capacity of fire officers serving in a region with many of the tallest buildings in the world
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June 30, 2017
JIBC appoints new Dean, School of Criminal Justice & Security and Office of International Affairs
Previously Associate Dean, Centre for Graduate Studies and Academic Planning
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November 16, 2015
JIBC contributes to the creation of a national roadmap for paramedic training in Singapore
Paramedics in Singapore will have an opportunity to complete an advanced diploma or a bachelor’s degree to advance their careers
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November 6, 2015
Cadets from four Chinese delegations complete their international education at JIBC
Students receive a customized education in the latest best practices in justice and public safety
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September 29, 2015
JIBC provides international training for recruits from the Railway Police College of China
Delegation receives a wide-ranging introduction to some of the latest best practices in law enforcement
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August 13, 2015
JIBC provides international training for recruits from Jiangsu Police Institute
Third delegation of students and faculty from JPI gain valuable insights about the latest best practices in Canadian law enforcement
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