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December 16, 2014

JIBC builds new ties with public safety agencies in Asia

Visits to China, Singapore and Hong Kong support growth of international public safety education and contract training at JIBC

President Tarko and Steve Schnitzer at Jiangsu Police InstituteJIBC President and CEO Dr. Michel Tarko (fifth from left) and JIBC Police Academy Director Steve Schnitzer (seventh from left) meet with executives from Jiangsu Police Institute during a visit to China in mid-November.


Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) developed new relationships and deepened existing ones on recent visits to China, Singapore and Hong Kong by delegations from the Institute.

In mid-November, JIBC President and CEO Dr. Michel Tarko and JIBC Police Academy Director Steve Schnitzer travelled to five provinces in China to meet with the presidents and senior executives of seven Chinese police colleges interested in providing new and innovative law enforcement training for their recruits.

Each police college enrolls about 5,000 students and provides a four-year bachelor’s degree in law enforcement. Representatives at each institution expressed a desire to work with JIBC to enhance their curriculum in a number of subject areas such as leadership, criminal investigations, incident command, conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, ethics and standards. They also shared an interest in exploring opportunities for faculty and student exchanges with JIBC.

“Our meetings with the leadership from these police colleges were very positive and productive,” said President Tarko. “They have a strong desire to transform police education in the country by exposing their recruits to internationally recognized best practices in law enforcement.”

Over the past few years, JIBC has provided training for a number of Chinese delegations. Earlier this year, more than 50 cadets from the Jiangsu Police Institute and the Jiangxi Police College spent two weeks studying at JIBC’s New Westminster Campus.

Cadets from a number of police colleges President Tarko and Director Schnitzer visited will also be sending recruits to study at JIBC in 2015 and beyond.

“All the representatives from the police colleges we visited are very motivated to work with JIBC and are very impressed with the inter-professional training we provide and the style of our delivery,” said President Tarko. “We value the confidence we’ve gained with our partners in China and the support of Canadian officials facilitating this important work.”

Delegation visits Singapore and Hong Kong

Also in mid-November, Kevin Sanford, JIBC Program Director of International Affairs and Mike Trump, Dean of the School of Criminal Justice and Security and the Office of International Affairs met with a number of representatives in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Currently, JIBC has a contract to provide enhanced emergency medical services training for the Singapore Armed Forces. Mr. Sanford and Mr. Trump met with representatives from the Singapore Civil Defence Force to discuss the opportunity to provide similar training.

They also met with representatives from the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Polytechnic regarding opportunities for students to take JIBC courses as part of their studies. Under discussion was recognition of JIBC courses for NUS students working towards a minor in pre-hospital care and Nanyang Polytechnic students completing a Diploma in Emergency Medical Services.

“While we continue to expand on our successful track record of providing contract public safety training around the world, we are also focused on expanding the opportunity for international students to take our courses,” said Mr. Sanford. “We are very encouraged by the progress of our discussions with representatives at NUS and Nanyang Polytechnic to provide valuable educational options for their students.”

JIBC delegation at Alumni event in Hong Kong (2014)Kevin Sanford; Sunny Sun-Nin Wong, Commandant, FS Ambulance Command Training School (Hong Kong Fire Services Department); President Tarko; Mike Trump; and Kwok-Leung Shum, Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer, Hong Kong Fire Services Department at the JIBC Alumni Event in Hong Kong.


In Hong Kong, President Tarko, Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanford also met with the leadership team of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department’s Ambulance Command and also hosted a special reception for alumni of JIBC’s Health Sciences Division’s Paramedic (EMA II) Training facilitated through the department’s Ambulance Command.

“It was very encouraging to meet with so many of our alumni in Hong Kong,” said President Tarko. “Their dedication is inspiring and we are honored to have such a meaningful and longstanding partnership with the Hong Kong Fire Services Department’s Ambulance Command that goes back more than 20 years.”

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