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Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

Paramedic Academy Certificate

The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course focuses on the skills needed to respond to trauma and medical emergencies. Training also includes the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and medical terminology. The Emergency Medical Responder course is required training for First Aid Attendants and is also a prerequisite course for the Primary Care Paramedic Program

Expressive Play Therapy Certificate

Centre for Counselling & Community Safety Certificate

The certificate features the therapeutic methods of Expressive Play Therapy developed by Marie-Jose Dhaese. This 14-day (7 credit) program is designed for frontline practitioners including counsellors, therapists, clinical social workers, and other practitioners currently working in the field with children, youth, adults, families and communities, who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge in expressive play and sandplay therapeutic interventions.

Family Mediation Certificate

Centre for Conflict Resolution Certificate

The Family Mediation certificate specialization provides an excellent opportunity to hone conflict resolution skills and abilities while deepening your knowledge of family dynamics and related legislation. You will learn the foundations of collaborative conflict resolution with a focus on self awareness in conflict. You will then apply this understanding and knowledge in a setting that involves facilitating families and family members though a conflict resolution process.

Family Resource Program (FRP) Certificate

Centre for Counselling & Community Safety Certificate

The 12-day (6 credit) Family Resource Program Certificate is experiential and cognitive, competency-based training for workers who support and assist parents of young children in dealing with a wide range of challenges including child development, economic stress, adaptation to a new country and culture, separation and divorce, family violence, or mental health issues. You will complete a unique offering of courses that will increase your ability to address family functioning and assist parents or caregivers with their children’s social, cognitive, emotional and physical development.

Feminist Management Certificate

Centre for Counselling & Community Safety Certificate

The Feminist Management Certificate focuses on the values, knowledge, and skills that are both necessary and relevant to the needs of women-serving agencies. Using a feminist, inclusive approach to service delivery as a foundation, emphasis is placed on theoretical principles and practices of feminist management. Course content and case scenarios come from the women's sector and have been developed and updated with this context in mind. Available on Contract basis only.

Fire & Safety Studies Diploma

Fire & Safety Division Diploma

The Fire & Safety Studies Diploma will assist you, as a member of the fire service, achieve your career and educational goals while supporting the broader goal of enhanced community safety. Students will develop the knowledge and skills to be effective managers, become both organizational and frontline leaders, think critically, manage human resources in our increasingly diverse society, and successfully lead organizational projects.

Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate (FFTC)

Fire & Safety Division Certificate

The Fire Fighting Technologies Certificate (FFTC) is a comprehensive 30-credit program which provides you with the NFPA1001 certification you need to become a fire fighter. The FFTC provides learners with specific job-related knowledge and other important skills such as teamwork, oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Fire Officer Certificate

Fire & Safety Division Certificate

The Fire Officer Certificate is designed for experienced fire officers and fire officer candidates who wish to further their careers and move into officer positions. This program covers the four levels of the NFPA 1021 Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications 2009 and focuses on the specific competencies of the standard. The program holds dual accreditation from both ProBoard and IFSAC and is Canada's only accredited NFPA I-IV program. This standards-based program is practical, relevant and interactive with flexible delivery options (face-to-face, online and ‘in-house’).

Fire Prevention Officer Certificate

Fire & Safety Division Certificate

The Fire Prevention Officer Certificate is designed for adult learners who want to pursue their education at their own pace. If you’re in the fire service and responsible for fire prevention, investigation and/or public education, this certificate will assist you in advancing your career.  This certificate may also be of interest to individuals working in industries other than the fire service that could utilize a skilled Fire Prevention Officer. It meets the competencies and training standards established by the NFPA for fire prevention inspectors, investigators and public fire educators.

Firefighter I & II Certification

Fire & Safety Division Certificate

This is the entry building block for all fire fighter disciplines. The program is designed to meet the Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications of NFPA 1001. Each fire department decides whether to train their fire fighters to Level I or Level II of the standard; upon completion, the fire fighter is issued a Certificate of Achievement with both IFSAC and ProBoard seals. Fire fighters will gain proficiency in fire department communications, fire ground operations, rescue operations, prevention, preparedness and maintenance. Available to Fire Service personnel only.